Print Finish Equipment can be rented

Sometimes collect upfront capital to expand your business can be a challenge. While some print finish equipment will last forever, others are produced to replace in a few years. If you are starting a new operation, leasing is a real option to consider.

Business owners may be faced with many aspects of the decision, including upfront costs, variable costs, growth of business and taxes.

Upfront Costs

Leasing equipment requires less upfront capital than buying it outright. It can also offer you the choice of equipment and time periods to determine which is best for you. What if you are leasing Binding Machines and UV coating machine, but find you need binding and laminating? You can easily change the leasing UV coating machine leasing laminator instead.

While leasing may be more, it could also maintenance contract not buy. The binding machine breaks, the leasing company could just replace it.

Fast variable costs

It is important to remember that leasing adds to your monthly costs. Also, when you buy the equipment outright the price is set. Leases may be subject to price increases. However, any extra costs associated with leasing can occur with the benefits of being able to upgrade your equipment to keep up with the competition, in addition to the maintenance of your fall. Just be sure to do the math and make sure you’re not paying more in the long run.

Growth Factors

This is where the flexibility of leasing can really come in handy. Say you’re a small business and you have a contract leasing laminator and binding machine. You get the chance to do a lot of work for prestigious clients, but it requires a UV coating machine. You can arrange to add a rented UV coating machine made. And if you only need it for one job, you can rent it for a short time.

Leasing offers flexibility. You can decide to buy core machines known to last forever. Or, you can rent the machines you know technology will update annually. Or, you can decide to work out a rent to own.


Leasing and rental costs for equipment can generally be considered to give companies, which are tax deductible. If you buy equipment you can rely on your taxes that year, but it depends on your taxes each year to rent it. Depending on the circumstances, this might come in handy.

So, should companies buy or lease their equipment? For a small print shop complete answer is to rent.

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