Your jurisdiction has a direct impact on success

On watching TV or movies, I am always impressed with the jurisdiction that I hear from the actors. It does not matter what characters they are playing. And it does not matter what nationality they are, their articulation is clear and concise. It is part of their training. Can you say the same about your jurisdiction?

Many mumble, speak too fast, talking too low, and / or heavy accent. All of these problems can affect the clarity of your words. Of course, your first response may be that it is the job of the actor to speak clearly but not as important to you in life, either professionally or personally. I beg to differ.

Why is it necessary for the actor to speak clearly? Obviously so that we in the audience can understand what he / she is saying? If you agree with this statement, then why would you think it’s important for you to speak clearly if your job depends on being understood?

If others ask you to repeat yourself often, you need to figure out what you’re doing wrong. The first step is to take your voice and play back the recording. What do you hear? Are you talking too low? Maybe you’re talking to enough volume but the words are ambiguous? If English is 2 language, you are difficult to understand because of your accent?

Many people I have worked, are stunned when they hear themselves in this way because they believed mistakenly that they were speaking more clearly than what they heard on the recording.

It is important to understand that what you hear on a record is how you are recognized and understood all the others. While the sound may not be familiar to you, that is exactly how any other claim. Thus, if you do not speak clearly, then you should exercise improve your jurisdiction.

There are only so many times others will ask you to repeat yourself before they take over the conversation or quite possibly find someone else to solve their problems. Businesses today to go very, very quickly. With the ability to get information at your fingertips, we want to answer immediately and are frustrated when those we are dealing is difficult to understand for what reason.

If you are aware of your jurisdiction could use a little work, you might consider voice training. One of the many benefits of discovering real or true voice is that you have to speak more clearly, whether you will be the one who mumbles or whether the problem is caused by “high” speed, soft volume, or a heavy accent. Do not allow success to compromise with something that can easily be remedied!

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