Cambodia and Vietnam – closer ties


Bilateral trade

Definition of business

1. To exchange one thing for another, one person or company providing item (good, service, property, etc.) to another person or entity, with the latter providing different items first place, as payment.

2. To export and / or import.

3. The quantity or value of export and / or import.

between Cambodia and Vietnam has enjoyed strong growth

Definition of growth

See growth. In recent years, but only recently has economic ties

definition of economic relations :.

Economic activity involving participants two countries, most obviously busier than other types as well. Some pairs of countries that actually have no political ties, however, have economic relations.

between the two countries received a major boost. The signing of major bilateral

Definition of bilateral

between the two countries, in contrast to Plur lateral or multilateral. Contracts, together with faltering business Cambodia to Thailand in recent months, provided recently hit trade between Cambodia and Vietnam, with figures reaching $ 1.7 billion in 2008. Recent investments and agreements between the two countries is expected to further expand bilateral Economic Relations and business in the next coming years

“Vietnamese team has invested $ 100 million in capital

definition of capital: ..

1 plant and equipment used in production ..

2. One of the main primary factors, the availability of which contributes to the productivity of labor, comparative advantage, and patterns of international trade.

3. A stock of financial assets.

in Cambodia Angkor Air, “Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers, said at the signing ceremony which was chaired by Prime Minister Hun Senand visiting Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Luxury is. Also a deputy prime minister of Vietnam

“Cambodia will have 51 percent share and the Vietnamese side of the board 49 percent,” Sok An said, adding that the Cambodian new

Definition of new .:

Net economic welfare maintenance will help to press tour

Definition sector :.

Part of the economy producing a particular category of goods or services, the agricultural sector, the banking system, etc. In the kingdom of the world has met with international economic and financial crisis Vietnamese investment

definition of investment …

1 addition to the capital stock of a company or country.

2. Buy property, real or financial.

3. The use of resources today in order to increase productivity or income in the future.

on Cambodia Angkor Air will be worked for30 years, Sok An said.

Cambodian and Vietnamese relations have not been fully most in the past, bilateral economic relations between the two countries catapulted after signing a bilateral agreement in 2007, aims to increase Cambodia- Vietnam trade in 2007-2015 period. In 2006, bilateral trade stood at $ 1 billion and benefit only slight growth in 2007, with total trade reaching $ 1.2 billion. Bilateral agreement signed in 2007, allowed for greater investment in the special economic zone and increase trade between the two countries, resulting in a $ 400 million increase in 2008, with total trade totaling $ 1.7 billion.

Vietnam exported $ 1.45 billion worth of goods to Cambodia in 2008, including agricultural machinery, pesticides, farm produce, fish, and gasoline. Exports Cambodia, Vietnam, the same year amounted to $ 1350000000, mainly grain, tobacco, cassava and wood products.

slowing bilateral trade Cambodia with one of its main trading partner, Thailand, because of the excitement border in the last half of 2008, has further encouraged economic ties between Cambodia and Vietnam. In fact, the conflict with Thailand, urged the signing of several bilateral agreements promoting expansions in current and future bilateral trade between Cambodia and Vietnam.

further increase trade between the two neighboring countries, is development.

definition of development

Economic Development

special economic zone along the common border of the two countries. Cambodian government has licensed six special economic zones along the Vietnam border since 2007, two of which are already in operation and four currently in the development stages.

agreement signed in November, including the construction of a new $ 100 million Special Economic Zone

Definition of special economic zones :.

This is in several countries, including China in particular, and their characteristics vary. Usually they are areas designated for economic development oriented to foreign direct investment and exports, both fostered by the special incentive policy that may be EPZ. In the Vietnam-Cambodia border, expected to promote trade, employment

Definition of work

People work for pay or family-owned business or farm. Much more precise definitions are used to measure work with statistical agencies such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Contrasts with unemployment. And local production. The area will include 100 hectares of land will be mainly catered to agricultural processing companies. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2015. The economic zone will provide jobs for 5,000 to 10,000 people, and hopes to expand bilateral trade by $ 1 -. 2 billion per year

Cambodia and Vietnam plan to bring more special economic zones along the border, which would further increase the expansion of business.

Moreover, the business is likely to increase as Cambodia raises production of rice, rubber and cassava due to increased demand.

Definition of demand

1. The act of offering to buy the product.

2. The amount offered to buy.

3. The amount available to purchase at various prices; demand curve.


strong anti-smuggling measures aim to increase business revenues

definition of income: ..

Refer to the price list, the money collected by the government. Equal size price times the volume of imports. Analysis of the impact of the tariff needs to account for the revenue, and the general equilibrium model it must specify whether and how the revenue is spent. Between the two countries as well. In addition, Thailand continued political instability.

Definition of instability

The property not be stable; thus, moving around over time, and / or uncertain in its movement over time.

as the still occurring border tensions with Cambodia, is expected to result in flat growth in bilateral trade between the two countries, encourage stronger economic ties between Cambodia and Vietnam. With both economy is likely to recover from the effects of the economic crisis at the end of 2009, bilateral trade between Cambodia and Vietnam are expected to reach over $ 2.3 billion in 2010 and $ 7 billion by 2015.


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