Display Trade Show – Top 7 Guidelines for Effective “Trade Show Displays”


Some highlights: the trade show are a great way to show the company’s products, services and manpower

well-designed display has a shelf life of several years and can be changed as you want ..

This shows have multi usages purpose of the Trade Show Events Industry Chamber, etc. It can also be used in conjunction with a course or similar promotion. When not required elsewhere, it can be used in the house for exhibition of goods and services organization, for future guests.

Good displays command attention by using large graphics etc.

You will have literature handouts, for those who want to carry and also to those who can take on your own, if you do not have the staff for the store.

Offer lucky draw by collecting business cards of visitors. This can then provide valuable business opportunities, after the event is over.

While working in the store, people stand up and pay attention to the guests who were subjects indicate the lack of interest.

Your screen should be in accordance with the theme of the event.

How to prepare adequately?

We give you some tips to make a better trade show displays.

a) Those who are participating in the event for the first time and are in the small business segment, this is really very worrying stage. What everyone should take for the screen and how it should be show cased, the main issues.

b) You need to inquire about the specifications of the trade show or event, in which you are participating. Get no information on the event, the size of the stall, information of visitors. In addition to finding out information about the size of a table, plugs available wall space availability, or whatever else is available, may be at an additional cost. When these data, you can now decide what to take it and how to show it.

c) If organizers have not provided you with a table cloth, make sure you get one side, which fits with the exhibition of products and services. You should have the company’s name and logo on it and the color should be attractive, without hurting eye. Use a table runner, to make it more attractive and to make your table outshine others in the event.

d) If space allows, use a stand alone presentation board. You can cast a services business in this table. Use your creativity, also make use a photos if possible. Do not forget to include the name and company logo.

e) If you have a position on the wall space and resources are limited, making appropriate use desktop publishing software. Create a template company name. Use templates, bristle board, card board or foam core to make a mark, which can be put on the wall behind your stall.

f) Arrange all the tables on one floor. Place the smallest item in the front, behind the largest and medium-sized ones in between, a simple glance.

g) Try to make a Powerpoint presentation showing the table. You can use your desktop or laptop arranged for the event. You will find this presentation will make a lot of people stop at your stall, as images have a strong attracting power.

Follow this advice & guidance, and surely you will be on your way to excellent trade show display and presentation. This will not only help you in the promotion of your brand, but also attract many potential customers.


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