Make Money from Trade Show without the cost of being there


Many business owners believe that trade shows and expos are the best way to promote and grow their business. But are they?

Trade show exhibits are expensive with the cost of hiring a trade show booth, trade show display stands, staff costs, marketing, transportation, accommodation and meals if you are away from home it is always other costs that you just not see coming

So you have to set out what the end results you want from the trade show to be -. how much money you want to make, how many new spending customers you want, how many hot leads you want to show and what size customer list and you want? What can your company afford and what are the smartest ways to achieve your goals?

I learned my lessons very early on animals show that everything went wrong. Customers did not turn up, the show was fizzer and I was out of pocket thousands of dollars and nobody Expo my objectives were achieved.

I could still see the benefits of good Expo but I wanted to reduce my risk and to do this I had to study and explore more.

I started researching local wholesale trade show and went along to see what is involved, got talking to exhibitors about what they like and dislike about the show, one that was competitive -. what they sold, how they managed customers, what business system they had and what was their approach to customer service

, I came out of it thinking it was an expensive task and determined to figure out how to get the benefit of their customers without the cost. So I started looking at the who, what and how trade show – which ran the show, how did people get to show it, how it was setup

The trade show is run by the industry association with exhibitors being wholesale members and guests being retail owners members

As a wholesale member you have access to retail members in and they have access to wholesale members with -. all part of the benefits of being part of. industry partners

The wholesale membership costs less than 10% of the cost of hiring a small space at the trade show – so saving 90% with access to retailer membership contact information. This database allows you to market directly to the Expo visitors so you can build a relationship with them. Without spending money on Expo you can make sales from visitors. You can also send them an invitation special event impressions and when you are ready to make expos you can invite them to your stand.

have customers come to Expo know who you are, you’re going to be there and hope to place orders with you is much better than starting from a cold start where nobody knows you and nobody has plans to spend money with you.

See all this was like a light bulb turning on – I could get the advantages of the Expo without cost to make the Expo! Simply by being creative and clever with my marketing. Given that most of the other exhibitors were unable to take advantage of internet marketing or even to have regular contact with customers it was going to be a lot easier to stand out and succeed.

So you can avoid the cost of trade show display rentals, trade show display booth cost, trade show giveaways, promotions and show cost products and trade show booth design fees simply by exploring and asking questions about how things work and how to get them to work best for you.

Expos can be very expensive for small and growing business so you need to make the most of the opportunity and expect there will be an extra cost you just do not see coming. Find a way to benefit from the Expo without big costs come down a little lateral thinking and be ready to make it happen.


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