Solar Power Efficiency – Understand compromises


You may be surprised how far the cost of solar electricity for homes has come down in recent years. Even better, there are tax rebates and other incentives available from the government if you convert your home either partially or completely to solar or wind power. If you think putting your own solar panels is beyond your finances, then the choice to get electricity from green energy supplier – check what is available in your area. Such suppliers will only provide green, renewable energy sources – such as solar power, hydro-electricity and wind power. The important point is to ensure that you have carefully thought out exactly how much electricity a home needs before you start looking at different ways to generate their own green your power – you might be surprised at how easy it is to build your own solar panels , for example,

The first question is :. How much electricity you need from green power source? Different designs of solar panels will deliver different amounts of energy, and you should get it right. Try to determine how much electricity you use every day – look at the bill from your current electricity supplier to find this. You should look through the value of a whole year of bills if possible so that you can decide how much monthly consumption varies from month to month – when it gets dark sooner you will need more light in winter you need more heat, when it is hot you need more work from the air conditioning, and so on.

If you decide to go with solar energy you need to understand the different designs and different arrangements photovoltaic cells used in solar windows work in different rated efficiency, and also may have different warranty included. A solar panel offer fifteen percent efficiency with a one year warranty will not be as valuable to you as a second offer thirteen percent efficiency but that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is a good idea to talk to friends and neighbors, or even strangers across the network, to find out their experiences with solar panels, and how different solar efficiency ratings influence their purchasing decisions – and if they proved to be good decisions. Also talk to different installation engineers and suppliers – they will be able to provide an alternate insight, but beware their motivations

Different designs for solar panels for homes also have different efficiencies, and there are generally three different types of designs for solar panel. First comes the grid connection system, where your own solar panels are connected to existing electricity meter life; this arrangement you will primarily be using electricity from solar panels friends, but when there is little sun or you need to use more electricity that solar panels can provide the electric business can provide you with the product. Another is a grid tie with battery backup, in this arrangement, the excess electricity is stored in batteries devices, and any excess of which is then fed back to the power company – you are providing them with electricity! Finally, there is a stand-alone system again you have a battery, but now you are not connected to the grid.

When you have done your research, understand different efficiency ratings for differences in solar panel design, and you are aware of the different mechanisms connected to the power gird (or not), then you are ready to start shopping. Business world solar energy should be thought of as an investment: it will cost to start with, but very quickly it will pay for itself, and then you can start to benefit from lower bills from the electricity company – as well as you will be taking a step towards saving the planet!


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