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Black Book® is popular within the automotive industry and the financial sector. They publish highly respected electronic and printed vehicle valuation information.

They sell subscriptions for many companies the automotive industry as well as dealers. You can actually get this information for free from many websites Credit Union and even online automotive sites

This is Black Book Features :.

cost Black Book will give you a compromise in value along with the retail dealer for the following stages of the condition of the vehicle

1. Clean

2. Average

3. Rough

Black Book Daily ™ offers

* Value updates every day in a more timely insight into the ever-changing market

* Finance Advance ™. – Value for loans beginning

* Sophisticated leading technology tools .. Operates buyers from website to showroom

* Handheld, Internet, Data, and Custom Solutions – Information values ​​are available on Pocket PC . BlackBerry; Palm; Smart Phones; Desktop PC and Micro Browser.

The company was founded in 1955. It was founded in Gainesville, GA three businessmen. These men came to the local authorities, the dealer only auto auctions. They soon realized that having accurate information to help them to make selling and buying decisions. I actually began to write down and started to monitor price auction. Before they knew it, other dealers were requested copies.

When all these requests came, they started to publish their papers every week. After a few years, Black Book went from hand-written tally local release to national recognized provides the latest used vehicle values ​​were available.

Employees of the company sits over 50 auctions across the nation every single week. They collect data to report. The volume of this data available continues to grow and grow. The tools they use to get the information is quite sophisticated now.

Black Book data is published every day in many types of electronic form that include data feeds, hand-held PDA, Internet-based applications, Pocket PCs, web enabled cell phones, Palm devices and BlackBerry, Smartphones, Micro Browsers, online trade appraisal services, as well as a variety of other custom products. It is possible to obtain printed versions of the weekly.

Black Book is part of the Hearst Business Media Corporation. They have offices in Georgia, California, Florida, Michigan and Maryland.


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