Trade Show Disasters – Avoid making these the biggest mistakes


Trade Show exhibition checklist

Own company that caters to events and presentations, I’ve seen the worst of the worst case scenarios that may occur. Expect that it will go wrong and they will. I’ve prepared a checklist that could help them with future presentation or exhibition

  • Make sure you have or prepare any type of simple promotional literature is clear to point out and highlight your service or product. Too much detail is unnecessary and phone number and a picture of a product or service is enough. Small promotional items are very helpful as well -. Bottom line, make a great impression and increase your chances of making a sale or contact
  • Did you remember to bring a range of office supplies such as pens, paper, tape, paper clips, markers, stapler, scissors, screwdrivers, extension cords, etc. All these will serve in some way or another and sometimes stall break, ribbons falling down, the lights burn out, cords do not. Also remember to bring extra computers or laptops if your promotion depends on it.
  • Always remember to clearly take all your possessions – put the card and information inside , and outside, all imported boxes and suitcases if they lost. You would be surprised at how often misplaced important box only to have someone call us!
  • Make sure you have all the phone numbers of people, such as security for the event, event management, facilities manager. Also, the registration package with you and a list of phone numbers of all the key contacts at the event.
  • Make sure you give a copy of your itinerary with your family and colleagues so they know where you are in an emergency.
  • One of the best things you can do to increase your traffic and attract new interactive TV and systems that encourage participation which always creates a lot of fun and laughter with in turn collects more people.
  • It is so important that you make at least two calls to strengthen performances two weeks before the event. It is always wise to confirm the details of your booth space, etc. shutdown times, opening times, degradation dates, etc. as they change sometimes just before the event. Ask them where and when you will be able to submit and then find and pick up the shipment. In addition, get the name of a local printing and shipping store you may need it if you are making a new brochures or changes to the information in an instant. At least 25% more literature and giveaways you think you’ll use. Delegation of more is better than less in order to increase the impact of your chances.
  • Make double and triple calls to confirm all travel arrangements and transport devices. Too often we have had a man tell us one thing and then another agent telling us another piece of new information. If you receive a confirmation with the same information three times, you’re pretty much safe. You would be surprised at how often we landed and discovered that there were no reservations company name of our hotel and car – we did not triple check. Remember, the weakest links are agents phone and employees who might be gone (burnt or left) by the time you travel.


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